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Ylvis – What Does The Fox Say? (LIVE Music Video)

Ylvis performs a live music video of “The Fox” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Subscribe NOW to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Watch La…




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  • Joe Smith 6 months ago

    if you don’t like it why are you watching it

  • Ellis Dempsey 6 months ago


  • Ryan Savivanh 6 months ago


  • Long Nguyễn Vũ 6 months ago

    If you dont like it, dont watch it. No one force you to do that. Thank you haters

  • JiizzyJeffMusic 6 months ago

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  • mauderkul 6 months ago

    det er rart å se ylvis på jimmy kimmel….

  • tom abendroth 6 months ago

    ok no there not the just have a sence of humor

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  • Marguerite Reed 6 months ago

    Everyone needs a guilty pleasure

  • Jason Kelly 6 months ago

    The fox should shut the **** up cause it sounds like ****. Can’t believe this is referred to as music. Lennon and Elvis are rolling in their graves.

  • YeahRight825 6 months ago

    You are SO RIGHT!… these guys are COMEDIANS, not really professional Musicians… Lol.

  • IsaidHello12 6 months ago

    **** you ylvis

  • tatertots40 6 months ago

    That’s so out of tune ewwww

  • rahmatdaniputri78 6 months ago

    i like it what does the fox say haha i like this part what the fox say aooooooooo aooooooooo……….

  • lglade2002 6 months ago

    How can people like this

  • Valeria BK 6 months ago

    ahhhh! okay, thanks.

  • mitchell kachikoti 6 months ago

    DRUNKEN SERIES!!!!!watch?v=M8Ovu4TNGiA­&list=PL54DHPqLL-XT6BIBK-JKBLN­UPgWTHbqL7 Subscribe :D

  • chompet123 6 months ago

    I don’t get it. They’re triplets? Or they just look like each other?

  • geny clarke 6 months ago

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  • hbxhpikyosho 6 months ago

    yeah, coz the point of this song is what the fox really says, not being completely random! oh wait…. This is just a ******* parody and ment to be funny, why take it so **** serious lol :p

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  • Rafa Banuelos 6 months ago

    What does the fox say??? Nothing mother fuckers foxes dont talk!!! Stop with this ********

  • Gabriela Manelia 6 months ago

    hahah that guy performing as the fox haah he looks so ******* funny I don’t know why and not even say about the duck in the begining haha I love them in the real video and live they are doing it right!

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