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The Philadelphia Experiment 1984

Based on an “actual event” that took place in 1943. About a US Navy Destroyer Escort that disappeared from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and sent two men …


  • Tin Trung Nguyen 9 months ago

    And Albert E was a martian….. Just kidding, I beileve the real story, but Nickolai as an alien is less likely.

  • JOKERSLADY713 9 months ago

    I remember seeing this movie when I was a little kid. And I must confess that when I first saw the part where David’s friend was glowing really scared the s*#t outta me.

  • beama999 9 months ago

    It’s said that Tesla was from Venus and in contact with Extraterrestrials.

  • TheVisionary84 9 months ago

    Pretty good movie.

  • NewWaveFan1 9 months ago

    What a film…

  • skata mic 9 months ago

    this really happened and more!…. this technology was adapted from tesla and from the aliens…. maybe tesla was an alien……

  • Bond Rulz 9 months ago


  • chrimony 9 months ago

    Ah yes, the “I knew a guy” story. When I was a kid we were hanging out at night when some random kid rides by on a bike and stops by to chat. There was a big story about a Wells Fargo bank robbery in the news, and he tells us he knows the thief, Wells Fargo. Later on he tried to kiss my sisters friend… I didn’t realize until I was much older that Wells Fargo was just the name of the bank.

  • Mad Jack Tramper 9 months ago

    Hadron Collider, Cern, near Geneva. Time travel is not a new concept but the international powers that may be trying to achieve it would never tell you that’s what they are doing. I just want next weeks Lotto numbers.

  • Gordon Brown 9 months ago

    Yeah…Michael Pare….played Eddie….twice.

  • Sudip Bhowmik 9 months ago

    This is a real story and it actually happened. But defense buried the fact. Recently I have heard that they have resumed the same experiment. Let’s see where it takes the world.

  • Lori M 9 months ago

    Whatever you think about this movie…you’re right.

  • acat543 9 months ago

    This movie never really happened this way, but having said that “Time Travel” is real, just go to and see how Billy Meier went back in time to meet Jmmanuel the person who they falsely named Jesus a person who never existed.

  • Empress Joanne 9 months ago

    I’ve seen this before, it’s a good movie.

  • 2007alberto2007 9 months ago

    A complete load of ****.

  • Marshall Lonexist 9 months ago

    real 80s classic thx

  • Joëlle Govaarts 9 months ago

    Whoow amazing movie!

  • Trend101Warrior 9 months ago

    It’s called science fiction for a reason. The producers took many artistic liberties from the actual events and turn it into something fun. Still, a great movie.

  • ros1tony 9 months ago

    one of these guys became a werewolf….

  • Sangam Panta 9 months ago

    55:50 (no car behind), 56:20 (car behind), 56:32 (no car again), 56:41 (a car again), 57:03 (no car again)….this scene is fudged up :p

  • dahoss65 9 months ago

    That story is ******** and i’ll tell you why. If the father wanted those sealed boxes destroyed, he would have done it himself long before.

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