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My Girl -Korean Movie with English Subs-Full Adult Movie 18+

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  • cloverloqui 7 months ago

    yesterday ive watched miracle in cell no. 7 and i was like cry baby i cannot stop it.. tears are just falling… a great movie :’(.. plus park shin hye .. :) .. and also try to watch babo: miracle of giving a fool… chataehyun and hajiwon.. a great movie also.. you cant stop ur tears too.. :’(

  • cloverloqui 7 months ago

    song hye kyo and cha tae hyun my favorite korean actor and actress… :) a very good movie it made me cry.. :’(

  • MARCUS AQUINUS 7 months ago

    korean movies is the world’s best! no offense meant but its true! nobody can replace them

  • shineeiloveu 7 months ago

    So beautiful.

  • berikassem 7 months ago

    It made me cry, but still I liked this movie!

  • bemby anaT 7 months ago

    song hye kyo :) ) 

  • triciaannebasila 7 months ago

    I miss my kevin wo0

  • ßob Svk 7 months ago

    why I’m cry omg ..

  • Aril Peterpan 7 months ago

    no comen

  • viola moyo 7 months ago

    touching hey

  • Danni Kim Jung-Lee 7 months ago

    This movie! Aish! I cried so much! It’s beautiful <3 beautiful

  • abgel alin ann 7 months ago

    That good

  • emdeeare ef 7 months ago

    It is a pure, modest, and decent love story…The feeling is so strong that is impossibly to resist. It makes me cry…

  • Chester Agustin 7 months ago

    I’m a dude but it makes me cry every time I see this movie.

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