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Lying Eyes (1996)

This is the 1996 NBC TV Movie Lying Eyes. The plot of this film is similar to many of the telefilms aired at the time that featured women in peril that were …




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  • Jenny Boom 8 months ago

    No she’s not. Even though they do look alike, that is a different actress.

  • jodie walker 8 months ago

    shes the step mum in parent trap!

  • Latcer Revol 8 months ago

    I want to go to the shower with those girls and lick their legs and toes and **** and *******.

  • bassoonism 8 months ago

    Hahaha the Coolio concert… so 90′s

  • Daniela Katz 8 months ago

    Uh wow,so long ago I watched this! You’re right,the movie is kinda a “guilty pleasure”,like “The Death of a Cheerleader”,”The babysitter’s seduction”, etc,etc,LifeTimeMovies are awesome! Thanx for ALL the uploads! :)

  • Meila2SunsetBeach 8 months ago

    yeah she was called Ginger I think!

  • Alysa Mulonee 8 months ago

    you just hit my car wtf?!!! oh sorry about that, anyways wanna go F**k? SURE! lol

  • Lori Hackney 8 months ago

    LOL! I noticed that after I posted. The last time I searched for it last year it wasn’t on here. I guess someone was reading my mind.

  • Yula Nzioki 8 months ago

    Lol look to the bottom right of ur computer screen..its there!

  • Lori Hackney 8 months ago

    If you come across the tv movie the Laurie Kellogg story with Jenny Garth please upload it. That was my favorite tv movie in the 90s and would love to watch it again. Can’t find it online anywhere.

  • mlongpre100 8 months ago

    who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?!

  • RisingStar1et 8 months ago

    What song is playing when he rearends her car?!

  • benyens12 8 months ago

    you were old in ’96

  • jeremycau10 8 months ago

    stupid blonde + creepy perv make the perfect couple – when will they have kids?

  • The Visual Wasteland 8 months ago

    Lol…profile pic ain’t changing.

  • joe dirt 8 months ago

    god I feel old I was 29 in 1996

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