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K. Jhunjhunwala would like to locate his missing/runaway daughter, Seema Malhotra, so that he can get her married to Nitin Dharampal; Prominent businessman, …


  • Srk Malik 10 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHA so cute <333 <33

  • hassan iqbal maan 10 months ago

    Twinkle is so cute

  • tikunia joxidze 10 months ago

    vgijdebi amkinosee:*:*:*:* shakruk i love you sigijemdeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • singhsingh77 10 months ago

    Nice move

  • chuck kai 10 months ago

    nice movie

  • Anuscha Nasser 10 months ago

    woow nice movie

  • Kadir534247 10 months ago

    Yes nice movies

  • Gaurab sanyasi 10 months ago

    King off Bollywood

  • samia samsam 10 months ago

    Asoka is the movie’s name

  • mazesh0 10 months ago

    what is the name of the movie where sharukh plays a king from the olden days?

  • ishtiyakgazi 10 months ago

    Good movee

  • Adil Javed 10 months ago

    Nice movie

  • GAYANE BAGDASARYAN 10 months ago


  • ShiZi999 10 months ago

    the baby picture is beautiful :)

  • Silvan Desouza 10 months ago

    lol in the start of the film, how does srk suddenly shave after being chased by the goons?

  • iimkavan1 10 months ago

    vinod whatz your address ? my frineds ( guys ) wanna *** so should i send them to your place? lolz be ready to get your *** fxck.. :P :P

  • iimkavan1 10 months ago

    lolzz u need to change your net then :P :P 

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