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Akira – [1988] – Full Movie – Original (Streamline) English Dub


  • TheMyuyen 10 months ago


  • Mr10zm 10 months ago

    many thanks for up loading.

  • keflar5 10 months ago

    Ghost in the what?

  • Christian Warren 10 months ago


  • Saint Celistine 10 months ago

    I remember the 1st time i saw this it was the 2nd anime i had ever seen, it blew my mind back in 1995 and it still does to this day.

  • loki6993 10 months ago

    This dub is so much better than the newer bluray redub! so much more feeling in the dialog!

  • Racob7 10 months ago

    43:58 Freeza?

  • pwsbtn 10 months ago


  • pwsbtn 10 months ago

    Everybody remembers Cam Clarke for Leonardo, but forgets he voices Rocksteady, thats sad.

  • RMProdux2008 10 months ago

    I bought the vhs akira back in 95 and watched it since then an excellent epic movie. It was the streamline dub and after watching it a million times when i saw the pioneer version i definitely noticed a Huge difference. The pioneer version seemed more childish and novelty like, the characters were less appealing.

  • RMProdux2008 10 months ago

    Streamline baby! Thank you!

  • BThomas57 10 months ago

    Dude with the Mohawk looks like Nappa lol

  • theultimatecult 10 months ago

    23:06 SHUT UP!.. SHUT UP!

  • jaeweld19 10 months ago

    Best ever

  • triedge763 10 months ago

    The animation does show it’s age when you compare it to modern anime but this does look great

  • Pedro Ortega 10 months ago

    If this is the Streamline dub, why does it say Pioneer at 0:00…?

  • DrSpookyElectric 10 months ago

    watch it two or three times. There is definitely a story to it. Its not all explained through dialouge (Naruto). The visuals alone display an amazing story. Everything is happening in the background and you have to peice things together.  You can make your own interpretations. Everyone will interpret it differently. I LOVE IT.

  • Josh Sinclair 10 months ago

    I can’t stand the version where the voice actors are actually acting too.

  • Josh Sinclair 10 months ago

    What does liking “Naruto” have anything to do with disliking it?

  • Sherry Ramirez 10 months ago

    am I the only one that thinks this smacks of the way they did heavy metal?

  • Sherry Ramirez 10 months ago

    holly mother of god you are right , geezeeeeeeeeee. LMAO !

  • Sherry Ramirez 10 months ago

    never even heard of it. It came out the year before I got married. I just didn’t have access to stuff like this back then.

  • kirani111 10 months ago

    Kaneda guy sounds like… Canada Pff sorry that’s wut it sounded like to me at first

  • Michael Correro 10 months ago

    Are you by chance a Narutard? That would explain a lot.

  • The ending is profound

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