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*** in the Ancient World (Egypt ) – History Channel Documentary

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  • Tom Anjing 2 months ago

    Lol phallic powers

  • ZHE Escaño 2 months ago

    Kama sutra 

  • Juan Quiroz Jr. 2 months ago

    A girl gets wet at 7:20

  • fansari2 2 months ago

    Interesting. Why is the ‘pyramid’ everywhere, why is the girl sitting atop the pyramid when they show the ‘brothel’? That pyramid is the same one on the dollar bill. What is the link.

  • ZepRichiche 2 months ago

    just started… wondering if this will have some ancient alien hentai

  • JaapioNL 2 months ago

    Or maybe the “cave artist” had just seen something he liked and drew it.

  • Lotdesa Snowden 2 months ago

    *** is apart of life even in the ancient world it’s nothing to be ashamed of and according to some people *** in God go hand in hand just my opinion

  • ARTURO MUNOZ 2 months ago

    i guess im the first to check this video out ,and i was checking the comments for feed back but im the first cool! 

  • pami dutt 2 months ago

    female narrators

  • Anel Cody 2 months ago


  • SAELIOS MUSIC 2 months ago

    ha 42:48

  • pj mongayaZ 2 months ago

    Well watch it first and give a comment on this video.

  • jason li 2 months ago

    what am i doing here?

  • ARTURO MUNOZ 2 months ago

    hope this is good 

  • mike dime 2 months ago

    Those chicks are clueless. Desperately scrambling to add some credits to their thesis’

  • Kat rawr 2 months ago

    whatt am i watchin

  • Daxxon Jabiru 2 months ago

    Some of the bits were “stuck” together with some, as yet, unidentified sticky substance. The lead researchers say this may have been some type of ancient “hair gel.”

  • jestia 2 months ago

    precursor to playboy? LOL

  • LeathalShears 2 months ago

    lol They found the Pharaohs **** collection…And the pages were stuck together..Eeewww.

  • Mairol Bukorwsky 2 months ago

    these historians must be stupid..I wonder why the government allows them to get paid for useless work they do. *** is in our lifes since our existance. everyone of us do it differently. why would you spend time and dig up **** happened 1000+ yrs ago,.. they did the same thing we do exept time shifted.. basic life is the same whatever time you enter.

  • Chas Stack 2 months ago

    They were having filthy *** in ancient Egypt , I had no idea . good thing we have you tube

  • pisola01221964 2 months ago

    orgiastic thank Betteny Hughes ,love your accent 

  • Octavio Almaguer 2 months ago

    Go search: happy puppies On Google then click on the first link IF YOU DARE 

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