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Mutant Fridge Mayhem – Gumball – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer

Mutant Fridge Mayhem – Gumball by Cartoon Network FOOD FIGHT! Team up as Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to take down the mutant leftovers! Available for iPhone 3…


  • Nicholas Riggins 10 months ago

    All my characters are level 20

  • Abdulahi Musse 10 months ago


  • FunkymonkeyandTheDj 10 months ago

    i thought this was a cool game

  • Anas1o0o1 10 months ago


  • فهد دبوله 10 months ago


  • Son Gotenks 10 months ago

    Dose this game avalible on Cambodia store

  • zomgdrhax 10 months ago

    **** why am i watching random videos on youtube… im tired and i need to go to sleep, oh well it is saturday anyway

  • Steven Mipovski 10 months ago

    im never gonna eat vegetables ever AGAIN…After all this Vegetable killing and stuff…

  • Jose Maria Escobar Bordamalo 10 months ago

    so cool, but they are just vegetables, just saying

  • krisliefuego90 10 months ago

    Their so adorable :)

  • 3dgrafico 10 months ago

    is zombie food

  • Corey Beams 10 months ago

    how were you recording this?

  • Adil Alsharif 10 months ago

    Gumball is on rampage and ready to fight the mutants, darwin looks afraid of the mutants and anais looks normal to fight the mutants

  • yanie3813 10 months ago

    My favourite character is Darwin and Gumball

  • stupidmoods 10 months ago

    This game is awsome

  • TheMinecraftGuy2244 10 months ago

    Gumball: Warrior Darwin: Archer Anais: Healer Very clever, CN, very clever.

  • Adil Alsharif 10 months ago

    My favourite character is Anais

  • Adil Alsharif 10 months ago

    IF I had this game, I would upgrade my strength and health to the maximum limits and earn new abilities and power-ups plus, I could reach higher combos

  • hsam506 10 months ago


  • rafael john amorcillo 10 months ago

    This game is now pretty intense because more people will download this one…..can they download it on any gadgets?

  • jamilalyani786 10 months ago


  • brentolento 10 months ago

    chek my ****** channel lol

  • mommed826 10 months ago

    very nice game

  • abady5545 10 months ago


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